The Weather Is Sweet

March 24, 2011

(….makes me want to move….my dancing feet)


It is blissfully warm in Yorkshire and has been for four days now, I get the impression that the rest of the country is pretty similar but who knows, I haven’t really checked, I’ve been too busy digging out my flip flops to look elsewhere. It’s only March so I dread to think what is in store for us later on in the year but hell, while the sun is here I will get as naked as I can with the rest of them and hope my pasty skin gets a bit of a burning (please tan safely folks). It really is a British tradition isn’t it? A ray of sunshine and suddenly we are the happiest of souls and might I say the skimpiest dressed.

On day one of sunshine I immediately pulled ranks and put on my flip flops and then thought better of it and immediately removed them, I felt like a complete twat, I mean it’s March for Christs sake. So I stuffed on the same dirty plimsolls I drag around with me every day and stepped outside, for once, agreeing with my boyfriend (William for future reference) to pop to the shop rather than chaining myself to my desk and refusing to move for six or seven hours at a time (does not include toilet breaks and repeat trips to bare cupboards or tea making).  Once I had gotten over the shock of being outdoors, a concept that is becoming increasingly alien to me (what IS this outdoors you speak of?) I hilariously discovered that every girl and boy in the area had shed their winter skins and were now aligning any spare part of path that might allow them to get a bit of sun. Vest tops, short shorts and flips flops were out in force, not forgetting obligatory sunglasses.

I live in an area hugely populated by students, if I see a person over thirty I just assume the old dears are lost and usher them in the direction of the nearest bus stop, so of course hardly anyone is going to spend these sunny days at work so beer garden it is. One pub in particular, as William so often states, has a beer garden the ‘size of a football pitch.’ This is an outright exaggeration but seems to do the trick when we’re trying to convince friends to give the frankly shoddy place a try. Anyway, this beer garden was packed end to end and we were unable to join in the naked burning party so we went home and reattached ourselves to our computers, safe in the knowledge we’d at least given ‘outdoors’ a try (William had of course lost his sunglasses by this point).

It’s just funny what a spot of sunshine can do to people isn’t it? I felt incredibly happy today, I even took myself for a drink and a sandwich and did some reading alone and watched the world go by, this was a new experience to me, it liberated me a little and set me in good stead for the rest of the day. I even felt inclined to go to the library. I took out SEVEN books, this is quite frankly behaviour that would cause great concern amongst close friends on any other day but they are also so deleriously happy and under the spell of the sun that they are probably off checking out piles of books themselves, too notice my own stockpile of textbooks. Granted, I probably wont read those books, I can’t even tell you the titles of them but c’est la vie.

On any normal day I really do consider myself to be a quite a negative little soul and today I started to imagine what it might be like to live in a hot climate. Sunshine all year round, IMAGINE! I’d be happy at least seventy per cent of the time. I’m hoping for another sunny day tomorrow, I might crack those flip flops out tomorrow, buy some sunglasses and smile at strangers.


3 Responses to “The Weather Is Sweet”

  1. hanabbechara Says:

    I relate with this post 100% ! Regardless of how my social life is going – when there’s no sun around, I just can’t be happy! I’m all the way in Beirut, Lebanon & the sun just came out after a morning of dreary clouds. I am finally motivated to go to my classes @ uni today. I believe it’s called Seasonal Depression which I go through! The sunless winter is certainly not in my top 3 seasons!
    I enjoyed this post immensely
    xo Hana

  2. ooh im the same, much more positive when the sun has got his hat on 🙂

  3. fuzzygloves Says:

    🙂 thanks for leaving comments x

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