Riches to Rags?

March 15, 2011

The title might literally come true should the Allen sisters carry on in this manner. As many of you will have seen. there seems to be little in the way of business planning or strategy when it comes to Lucy in Disguise. They want to price pieces at around £95-£100 coming in under Topshops most expensive pieces yet Sarah, the older Allen sister has dawdled off to America and spent hundred of pounds on what appear to be somewhat garish garments. Lily and the narrator aren’t shy to constantly hammer home that she wants to quit the music scene but how long will it be before she releases another album, performing at the 02 can’t be that hideous can it? I completely understand that fame has a sinister side and I can’t imagine I would ever want to be in that position but then I wouldn’t put myself there to begin with. Sarah and Lily seem completely detached from what shopping is really like for the average woman, the average earner. With an opportunity to hear what potential customers might think of her concept, Lily walks out and we’re left wondering how much more unlikeable can this one person become.Where is her thick skin that people in the limelight so often urge emerging stars to adopt?

If all publicity is good publicity, then Lucy in Disguise might get off the ground but for how long? Time to draft in some business minds girls, retail isn’t just about shopping and an eye for style does not a business make.