Red cards all round…

January 28, 2011


As Richard Keys and Andy Gray pack up their desks (we can only assume they haven’t asked their wives to do it), we should ask ourselves, will we ever find a healthy balance between banter and unacceptable behaviour, more importantly, does such a thing exist in today’s tangled web of political correctness? Have two men, who undeniably adored their jobs, been made scapegoats to protect those around them at Sky who have allegedly let such behaviour exist for so long. They join the BBC’s Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand, while we eagerly await the resignation of ITV’s Ant and Dec following one kangaroo penis joke too far, on the scrapheap of men who are made examples of for their shocking, but dare we say it, somewhat amusing sins.

Before the videos of Keys and Gray emerged I caught sight of Sian Massey and questioned whether I was actually watching a Premiership football match, a female referee I thought, this can’t be right. At this point I should confirm I am not a football fan, I do not follow football, I am like many other women merely subjected to it by my partner. I might watch an England game and get a bit shouty and such but no I definitely have absolutely no idea what the offside rule is and I could not care less. I also do not think I am much of a feminist, I do not break out in a cold sweat should someone suggest I build a snowMAN (in fact the mere mention of a snowlady makes me shudder) and I do not object to terms such as ‘mankind,’ however I do have the slightest inkling of smugness and pride knowing that Sian Massey made only correct decisions during that match and has so far remained tight-lipped about the matter.